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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Love Kasey Because...

1. It's not everyday that you meet and fall in love with someone after only 3 days of knowing each other. The saying: "When you know, you just know," is true...rare but true. The feeling was mutual, Kasey said "I love you" after only a week of dating! :-)

2. We still spend every possible minute we can with each other and love every bit of it. There's still never a dull moment!

3. He's a wonderful husband!! I have three beautiful little girls with him and he is a fantastic father. (One of the best I know!!)

4. He looks at me like I'm the ONLY woman in the world.

5. He isn't embarrassed to carry my purse or wear princess barbie bandaids or be the girls' "Prince Eric." (Off of The Little Mermaid) 6. I love how open-minded, spontaneous and adventurous he is.

7. I've never met anyone so sure of themself, caring, protective, self-less, considerate, honest, loving, smart, motivated... yet has an "I don't take crap from anyone" personality. The fact that he is smokin' HOT is just icing on the cake :-)

8. He works very hard so that our kids can have a stay at home momma.

9. He still gives me butterflies after six years and counting...

10. He gets me better than anyone else ever has. He truly is my better half. We are the perfect pair...soulmates!

How lucky am I?? ;-)

Obviously there are way more, but duty calls...