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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Isla's ONE!!

It's hard to believe that exactly 1 year ago, Kasey and I headed to the hospital for the birth of our last baby... It's kinda sad, but exciting too! I'm ready for the whole baby stage to be over with, she is getting even more and more fun with every day that passes. Adiee and Isla are closer than ever and Mikenna is lovin' being the boss of both of them! ;)

With Kasey currently working nights for a couple weeks and Mikenna in school during the day, we weren't able to have the usual dinner and cake family party that we usually do. The weekend after her birthday, we went to Worland to visit family, sang happy birthday, and all the kiddos decorated cupcakes at Grandma and Grandpa Brown's with some cousins we haven't seen for far too long. We had full intentions on baking a birthday cake and everything once we got home on Sunday, but it got a little too late because on the way home it started snowing, and the roads got really bad. But we did do presents...

The Birthday Girl!!
Miss Isla with her big sisters :)
The girls were so tired after spending the afternoon in the car!
The very next weekend, we did the cake and icecream bit :) FINALLY!! She was so funny, she didn't want to get dirty, she wouldn't touch the cake until we shoved her hand in it... She wasn't too happy with that so we gave her a spoon - then she dug in. :-) And to those who pay attention to a lot of detail, it wasn't actually 9:40 - the power went out and we didn't reset it until later. :)

I don't think we could have dragged her birthday on any longer if we tried!! :) Whew! How exhausting!! haha

She made out with some great loot. She got a ride-on horsey, sea horse glow worm, a jungle gym toy that came with dare I say a hammer, adorable clothes, and both sweet and funny cards accompanied by moolah... I say all in all she had a great FIRST birthday!
She apparently doesn't need any help! :) HAHA!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Adiee had her first preschool field trip this morning. With Mikenna in school along Kasey sleeping and Isla sleeping at was just her and I. I was a volunteer driver, so we took Adiee's friend Sydnie along for the ride. It was a lot colder outside than anyone really expected, but I was prepared (like almost always, hehe), I brought a heavy coat and gloves. So I think she was the warmest one of the bunch, poor kiddos!
Adiee raced to the corral, and knew exactly which horse was 'hers', and made it known. Haha! It was a black one named Sara, she informed everyone that she had a dog that was also named Sara! She was so excited!!! :-)
After waiting for everyone to get a turn to ride, we washed up and had a snack; apples, crackers and cheese with orange juice to drink. After that we sang songs and thanked the owners for letting us ride and play at their ranch. It was such a great time!

To wrap up the field trip, they took a group picture in the carriage. They all got a souvenir horseshoe and Adiee had collected a feather and a branch with yellow leaves on it, on her own. I think I should also add that she got 2 shots yesterday and a wart froze off, no tears!! Our little girls are so tough!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Me and Mine

Kasey ♥ Krista
Est. 2003
If there is anything better than being loved by you, it is loving you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Job Mikenna!

Mikenna had a doctor appointment early this morning, I didn't tell her about it until we were driving and she said "Mom, this isn't the way to school." I told her that she had the appointment and I told her to try to be tough! She and the new doctor really hit it off, he said that he really liked her 'spunky' personality! The nurse came in and gave her her shots, and NO TEARS!! What a stud!! Though to be honest, I'm not really surprised! haha :)

And today after school, Mrs. Geise made a point to come out and congratulate me on how well Mikenna did on her recitation (a memorized 12-line poem). She said she was very impressed, because not only did she know all the words, but she said it with such character and at a volume that the entire class could enjoy listening to it! Mrs. Geise tried to make an example of Mikenna, tried to get her to do it again, but she got all bashful... She gave Mikenna a sticker for a job well done, she is the only one that got one too! That's my girl!!

And now, Mikenna and her daddy are at her tap dance class...

Mikenna, you never fail to impress!!! We love you so!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adiee's First Day of Preschool

Sisters Before School

Today was Adiee's first day of preschool at FCC!! She will be gone from 9 to 12. Doesn't she look beautiful, not to mention grown-up!?! She was so excited to go to school 'just like Mikenna does'. She was so happy that she finally got to wear her new Ariel backpack and her pink princess sparkly shoes! Adiee is going to have a blast!!

This picture makes me laugh!! She is so mad at me because I found a tiny dinosaur that she was trying to sneak to school! I made her take it out, and she can have it back after school.
She's ticked! HAHA!! :)
The backpack hooks are a little high.
She had to reach big, but she did it!
A is for Adiee... She's looking for her name :)

Well, it's just me and you Miss Isla...
At least until noon that is!

I'm a little bit teary-eyed in this picture, I snapped it right as Isla and I were walking out... I miss her already!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dance Baby Dance!!

This week we added more (organized) chaos to our schedules! Mikenna is in a tap dance class, and Adiee Grace is in tumbling and a jazz/ballet class. They are so excited, can you tell? :-)
Mikenna showing off her 'clicky' shoes
Adiee looking not so happy about taking yet another picture. We can't help it we are such proud parents!!

I don't know if you can all tell, but Mikenna just loves the camera!

She's happy to show off her new leotard and dance shoes!! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Brown Style!

Labor Day weekend came and went too fast, as usual. We decided to head for the mountains one last time before fall is officially here. It was pretty chilly all weekend, at least until we were getting ready to leave Monday afternoon...figures!! :(

Our Beautiful Girls!!
Poor Isla took a digger on the first day, she had a face full of dirt and pine needles... And I fully expect to get made fun of (or at least laughed at) but I actually ate some of the dirt that ended up on her pacifier due to some paranoia from watching a program with Kasey on Animal Planet called "Monsters Inside Me" ( Check it out if you dare!! Ha! We just saw an episode where a baby was outdoors and got into some animal poop and ended up going blind and all sorts of horrible things because of a parasite! I really shouldn't watch these shows, haha!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all of you are probably laughing your head off!

What better way to spend an afternoon; the whole family hunting for shells... We each found one! (Those are some filthy hands!!)

Kasey wrestled Pete into the hammock!! He wasn't a fan! haha :)

All in all, any weekend spent together as a family is a great one!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sisterly Love

With Mikenna in school now full-time... Adiee has been even more interested in Isla.

In the waiting room in the hospital while Isla was being brought into the world, Adiee was playing a Mickey Mouse fishing game with Mikenna. Once news got to all of them that Isla was finally here, Mikenna was so excited and Adiee asks, "Does she wanna play the game?" And that's about the extent of her interest (other than lots of questions and occasional requests to hold or feed her) for a while because Isla was too small to actually do anything... But now, with her big sister in kindergarten, and Isla getting big and full of personality, the two of them are getting closer and closer...

Let the bonding begin! :-)