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Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 Week Countdown

5 Days until we leave for Casper - the girls will have eyeball appointments and haircuts; 6 Days 'til Denver - (our "fake" vacation) for some swimming, shopping, and whatever else we feel like doing (the girls know that we will be going on a vacation, but they think this is as far as we are going! Little do they know...); And we only have 7 more days until we hop on that plane that will be taking us to Orlando!! I have already talked to Mikenna's teacher so that she knows that she won't be in school for a couple days and to get some stuff together so we can do it before we leave.
Luggage tags, park maps, etc... This is our collection of Disney vacation stuff that they have been sending us over the past couple months. Awesome!
Also, I was getting really nervous about their ear hats and t-shirts coming in too late, but they got here last Saturday so no more worrying about that! Boy would that have put a damper on our surprise! Kasey and I decided to join in on the fun and even got a pair of ears for ourselves! We put their shirts in their Easter Baskets and oh my goodness are they adorable (and clueless, even though we have almost ruined the surprise about 100 times by now).
I'm really excited, can you tell?!? I just want to tell them RIGHT NOW!! I love surprises, and surprising people, but I hate the wait - IT'S SO HARD! Haha :o)

P.S. I have a slightly embarrassing confession... Kasey brought home some black shorts that he picked up when he was passing through Casper to complete their outfits and I felt like I "needed" to see how it looks all together. Sooooooo after I put the outfit on Isla, locked our bedroom door, and I blindfolded the baby (because she is less likely to put two and two together than the other girls) and slapped that Minnie Mouse hat right on her! I may be a little crazy! Haha :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dead Bird

I posted this on facebook on Monday, but some of you may not have seen it. Last Sunday, I went to wash Mikenna's coat and the contents of her pockets were HORRIFYING! First, I pulled a pair of bunched up mittens out of her pocket and I get sandblasted in the face (not the first time, you would think I would learn, right? Maybe someday! haha)

Second, in the midst of a collection of normal kid stuff like bouncy balls and erasers, I pull out part of a DEAD BIRD!!! ICK! The chain of events following are kind of a blur, but I plunged my hand into her pocket without any reservation and pulled out part of a bird that had been long gone. As I held it in my hand, I yelled, "Kasey! There's a DEAD bird in Mikenna's pocket!!" I felt frozen in disbelief, staring at my palm; Kasey got up from the couch, coming into the playroom to take the carcass out of my hand. He was laughing hysterically at my reaction, and taking the bird out of my hand, he said (when he calmed down and he could breathe again - which was only a second before laughing at me again), "Yep, sure enough. It's just the wings though." He threw the wings in the garbage and started emptying out the rest of her pockets...

Third - Kasey started emptying the last little tidbits out of her pocket because I was a little gun-shy to say the least (can ya blame me?!?) but he pulled out one of those sticky hands (without the hand) that was black/brown from lint, dirt, and whatnot - and at first glance I thought it was a worm because it was "moving" and I just lost it. Screamed, then followed by actual sobs because I was so so so GROSSED out! Over-reacting? Maybe, but I don't care it was so nasty and I was not expecting it. All I wanted was for Mikenna to have a clean coat! After I pulled myself together, and sort of laughed along with Kasey he thought it would be funny to taunt me a little with the sticky hand before it landed in the trash. He said my reaction to the whole ordeal probably would have won an America's Funniest Videos grand prize if only he had caught it on tape... It's a good thing he didn't! Embarrassing! Haha ;)

When Mikenna woke up the next morning, I wanted her to sweat a little after what she put me through the night before. So I said, "Mikenna, I washed your jacket last night." Expecting her to freak out a little considering what she had in her pockets, she just said, "Thanks Mom." 'Thanks Mom', are you kidding me?!? So I said, "I emptied out your pockets so I could wash it." Again, a nonchalant "oh". I finally said, "Mikenna, you had a DEAD BIRD in your pocket! Why did you touch that let alone pick it up and take it home!?!" She looked just as grossed out as I was, and told me she thought it was just a big feather. "Um, no Mikenna, it was the bird's WINGS!" I was actually very relieved to know that she didn't do it on purpose, but I took that opportunity to tell her again that we don't touch dead things, not only is it disgusting, but they can carry diseases, etc... I think I will exercise more caution when emptying pockets for laundry, or better yet, make them all do their own!! I am scarred for life! Ew, Ew, EW! haha :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adiee is 5!

...and has been for almost a month! I really need to get my butt in blogging gear! So much seems to be happening and it isn't being recorded! Shame on me! :-)
Doesn't she make a gorgeous "Tangled"?? :)

It definitely doesn't feel like it has been 5 years since we brought our beautiful Adiee home from the hospital... Time is flying by and I'm a little sad about it, but she is so much fun (they all are)! And she is sure excited to start kindergarten, my heart just sank a little typing that. She is so funny - she thought that she was going to start school the day after her birthday, as opposed to waiting until fall. She was taking a bath with her sisters when Kasey got home from work and he came into the bathroom with a bouquet of colorful daisies and a tinkerbell balloon. Made. Her. Night. Not much can get that kid out of the bathtub except for cold water but she hopped out faster than he could tell her happy birthday and she didn't even want a towel! Haha :) What a cutie! Noni came to town that weekend to help us celebrate her birthday, and what a great one it was!
Look at all those presents! What a spoiled little girl!! :-)
She loved being the center of attention while we sang to her, but who doesn't?? :)