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Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Memories

I spent all day painting letters for the girls rooms. I didn't want to say no, but I also wanted them a certain way so we went to the store and I got them each a set of little plaster figures... Mikenna picked cats and dogs, and Adiee picked little monsters. While the big girls were painting, Isla and I were playing/cleaning her room - making more room for all their new toys! I still need to finish Adiee and Isla's names, so I will add those a little later! :)

Here's our busy little bees at work!! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toothfairy Strikes Again!!

This morning we went to breakfast at IHOP with Kyle, Windy, and the kids. Right before the food came out, Mikenna went up to Kasey complaining that her tooth was hurting. She opened her mouth and that little tooth was sticking out, and hanging by a thread. She didn't want anyone to touch it, so Windy gave her a napkin and told her to wiggle it. The very second she touched it, it came out. She was so impressed with herself for "pulling" her own tooth, and was even more excited that she was going to get more money from the toothfairy!! She had plans for it before she even got it... You know that black horse that Adiee had to have, well now Mikenna has to have one - except she wants the white one! So tomorrow we will take the money she gets from the toothfairy, plus the money she has been stashing in her piggy bank, and go get another horse (now hopefully it isn't sold out!) :)

Look at that big hole in her face!!! :) haha!

She is growing up so fast!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Brown Family Christmas

Well let me just say, this month has just flown by...

The weekend before Christmas, we went to Kasey's company Christmas party. It was a great time, as always. They handed out cards with $100 and held a raffle. The girls won quite a bit - a playdoh set in the shape of a candy cane, Thomas the Train holiday movie and toy, a canister of hershey kisses, and Kasey won some sort of multi-tool and knife set. The big girls had a BLAST running around with all of the other kids. And I know that they had waaay more cookies than they think I know about, that's right girls- you aren't fooling this mama!! Haha! :) Saturday we went to my aunt's house to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. Then on Sunday, we went to Noni's house to bake all of our usual holiday goodies and Kasey wired her surround sound. I don't think anyone will be able to stomach the dipped pretzels because the girls were their sole creators. We are talking white chocolate, peanut butter and more sugar than you would believe... but hey, they were the boss! ;)
Monday, we built a gingerbread house...Isla didn't want to have any part of it, she wanted her dinner...and NOW!! haha :)
And the finished product...

On Tuesday, we were finishing up our gift shopping, and Adiee saw this horse... There's nothing really special about it, but she just HAD to have it!! We grabbed it without her knowing, and I heard about every day leading up to the big day!! :) I wish I could describe how intense her desire...she was in tears!
This year's Santa photo.

Can you believe that we visited Santa the day before Christmas Eve!?! That sure was a crazy day! We started off with the big guy; Mikenna asked for a dollhouse, Adiee asked for a green motorcycle with training wheels (HAHA!! I have no idea where that one came from! She's so funny!) Isla is the only one out of all three to not cry when she sat on Santa's lap at this age, which was unexpected! Afterwards, we went the movie "Where the Wild Things Are" which was good, but was kind of a downer. Isla fell asleep halfway through, and when it ended we were the last ones left to leave so we ran around for a few minutes! It was so much fun! I hid behind the half wall by the entrance, the girls couldn't see me and I got some pretty funny pictures! Adiee was looking right at me, but couldn't see me, and Mikenna ran right by me! Haha! :) When we had left the mall, Adiee started sobbing...she had forgotten to tell Santa about the pretty black horse! As if we weren't exhausted enough, we went to a friend's house to hang out with pals we haven't seen in ages, while the girls played dress up with their little girl.

'Twas the night before Christmas... I got up early to finish wrapping packages for the girls, made them breakfast and then Kasey took the big kids to the Aquatic Center at the rec. for a couple of hours while I cleaned the house and Isla napped. When they got home, we all got dressed up for Christmas dinner. When we got home, the girls sprinkled their reindeer food on the front lawn, put out cookies and milk for Santa Claus, and also opened the last door on our advent calendar to put the last ornaments on the little tree, the poor babies were sooo tired. Noni came over and spent the night, but by the time she got here, the girls were OUT! :)
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

Christmas Day started at 7:20 a.m. Adiee woke me up saying "Mom, I think I hear something... I think it's Santa...I hope he brought me my black horse...I dreamed about it all night!" Adiee isn't the quietest little thing, so her sisters were up minutes after her! :) Santa brought Mikenna a dollhouse, Adiee a Radio Flyer spring horse, and Isla a princess tower that turns into a table and chairs...all of which were a huge hit! We opened presents for about an hour and a half (funny how it takes twice as long to wrap all that! haha!)
We had breakfast and then got dressed and ready for the day's festivities. Mikenna picked her outfit she was wearing from the pile of new clothes, and said, "Mom, this is sooo fashion!" She was tickled pink with her selection: A teal and black checkered sweater, a pink shirt that was a tad too big and said girl power, and a new pair of jeans. I let them wear whatever they want; after all, we were dressed up last night!! :) First we went to Kyle and Windy's (Kasey's brother and his wife)house to exchange presents, then to grandma and grandpa's house to play games and open a couple more presents, and back to Kyle and Windy's to eat dinner and play more games... At one point, Mikenna and Adiee were bickering, and Mikenna said, "Mom, I'm sure glad that it's Christmas morning..." I asked her why, and she replied, "Because Santa already came, no dirty rocks (coal) for me!" Clever little goof! It was super fun, but super busy!! :)
Happy Holidays
from my family to yours!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Shopping

The girls went Christmas shopping today! Kasey took Mikenna and I took Adiee... With nothing more than a quick discussion that they were picking out gifts for other people, not themselves! Haha! :) Both did really well with it, Mikenna truly got into the true spirit of giving and thought carefully about what to get each person on her list; Adiee did the same, but wanted to include herself in 'her list'! Too sweet!

We gave them their very own roll of wrapping paper, tape, bag of bows, and safety scissors...then let them loose! Mikenna LOVED it, and Adiee needed a little bit of help. :) The result was the best looking wrap-jobs that I have ever seen! An item surrounded by shiny red paper, then rolled in tape! I love it!! :)

They are absolutely precious!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kasey's Birthday

First off, I want to wish my one and only a VERY Happy 27th Birthday! We went on a movie date last night, went and saw Zombieland and Twilight: New Moon. For dinner I made pot roast, and had plans to surprise him with a cake that I had ordered... I would have made one had he not been home with me all day. I was pretty bummed that Adiee spilled the beans about the cake, but I did take her with me to pick it up. I thought, okay...hoping, that maybe she would forget to mention it - plus I talked to her for about an hour before heading home about keeping a surprise. But sure enough, right when we walked in the door, "DADDY GUESS WHAT!" And my secret was out! haha :) Little stinker!

Happy Birthday Love!!

It was also parent-participation day for Mikenna's tap class, and she told everyone that it was her daddy's birthday, so the kids and their parents all sang to him and gave him his very own ribbon! ;)