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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Rest of 2012

So I last left off at Halloween... And it's almost April of the next year... Well I will try to bring you quickly up to speed on what's been happening with the Brown's.

Disney on Ice, just the girls and their momma! Kasey was out of town but I really wanted to take them out and do something FUN! We were the first ones at the gate, and I successfully navigated my way through downtown Salt Lake not only to the Energy Solutions Arena but to the bank as well. Also got FREE parking! Go ME! :-)
The girls with their junk food and souvenirs.
Yes we had nosebleed seats because we bought tickets on a whim, on opening night, but it was so much fun! The girls watched in awe the whole evening! We sure missed daddy, though!

For Thanksgiving, our wonderful friends the Santiago's came for the week to visit. The girls and I went to Rawlins to stay with Kasey for the weekend before the holiday because he was away from home so much (end of October and November he was only home for a solid week and a half covering the Sinclair station and training trips) and to see my mom and our friends of course! Britney, all 6 kids and I drove to Kaysville on that following Monday while the men had to stay behind and work until Wednesday... Boring, poor guys! So that meant nothing but late night chick flicks, girl talk and shopping for 2 days. We even visited a Tiffany's jeweler and tried on an $80,000 engagement ring just for laughs. It was so fun, but we were happy when our other half's made it home too!
Thanksgiving Feast prepared with love by:
Brittney Santiago and Krista Brown
(Wow you can really tell I didn't finish my grattitude board, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do under the "Give Thanks" title... Better finish that!)
City Creek Shopping Mall with the sweetest gals!
(Bella was sleeping in the stroller)
Again, best friends by the Christmas trees on display at City Creek.
Wake up Bella! We wanna see your sweet face too! ;)
Brittney and I got a new purse from our husbands!
Just an early Christmas gift. We're not spoiled... much. ;)
 The girls and I at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch before going to
the movies to see "Wreck it Ralph". That is one cute movie!
The next few weeks, I was busy getting the girls established with a new pediatrician and dentist...
December 5th - Mikenna called me from school with an excrutiating toothache. I love being in a big town with the luxury of getting my little one into the dentist right away for an emergency. Her cleaning wasn't scheduled for another week and a half but I took her in immediately. Her grown up tooth was pushing the baby one out and was causing an abcess. OUCH! So instead of having another appointment to actually do something about it (like we have had to do in the past...) she got fixed up right then and there. LOVE our new city! 
December 6th - What a horrible, horrible day. Isla had her 4 year well child visit, had to get shots and I asked that she get her ears flushed out because she was complaining of "rocks" in her ears, and if that's not heartbreaking enough... The doctor heard a Still's heart murmur. I was told that it wasn't anything to worry about, that even some of the healthiest of children have a heart murmur at one point in their life. Of course, that wasn't going to make me feel any better. I bawled ALL day long, snuggled in bed with her once we got home and watched a movie. I called Kasey, his mom, and mine. Kasey's mom said that he had one when he was about her age as well, which made me feel a little better but I carried on like this for quite a while. Other than that she is just a happy, healthy little 4 year old.
We had quite a bit of snow this winter, which I'm told is abnormal so we got out and enjoyed it to the fullest! 
Little LaLa, what a cutie pie!
Miss Adiee Grace, LOVE her!
Mikenna! Eating the fresh snow... Beautiful! 
After the snowman was complete, we built snow walls for the ultimate snowball fight. Turns out we didn't need them, it turned into an intense white washing fight between everyone of us! Kasey pelted me in the face so I tackled him and rubbed the icy powder in his face while Adiee was letting me have it in the back of the head. We were all soaking wet and borderline hypothermic when we finally came in. I ran the girls a warm bath and made them hot chocolate. Great memories!
Daddy turned the big three-oh! The girls and I had dinner, cake, and silly string waiting for him. He usually comes in through the garage so I locked him out that way forcing him to come to the front door. Then we locked him out of the front door until we were good and ready for our silly string attack!
Success! I think he was pretty surprised!
Happy 30th Birthday to the most wonderful man I know!!
December 13th - Mikenna and Adiee had their appointments with the pediatrician so they could get their Hepatitis A shots which weren't required in Wyoming, but are here in Utah. They are just a happy, healthy 6 and 8 year old. Love hearing that.
December 15th - Isla had her first dentist visit! She did great!!
Getting those chompers clean!
No Cavities!!
They also discovered a loose tooth... I may or may not have shed a tear (or 5)...
Ok, ok, I quietly cried while looking the other way!
Kasey's dad flew into Salt Lake to spend the holiday with us! We were delighted to have him stay with us! We explored Temple Square while he was here and really could appreciate the beauty in it. We also finally got to see Kristin and her family as well a couple times.
Baking cookies for Santa! Love my babies!!
T'was the night before Christmas...
Santa came! In addition to all the goodies under the tree, Mikenna got Butterscotch, a FurReal friend that she wanted SO bad. Adiee got the Furby that she wanted, and Isla got a brand new table and chairs set perfect for her tea parties! Her favorite stuffed animal "Kitty" was already waiting for her.
Funny Story - Now it's funny, wasn't hilarious then... haha :) We were up quite early opening all of our gifts, and after that was all cleaned up the girls played with all their new things while I started cooking supper. Mikenna got Adiee a mad scientist kit and could NOT wait to open it herself... She begged me to open it and let her play with it, but I was just so busy so I told her to go play with her other toys and we would do that on a day that we had more time. I took a shower, got dressed, and came back downstairs to keep cooking. I had potatoes on the stove and Mikenna looked at me with her big baby blues and I couldn't say no. We were in the process of making "glow ink" sounds dangerous, doesn't it? My frustration was mounting as I couldn't get the fluorescent orange ink open so I squeezed it HARD. What was I thinking you ask? I will never know... As fast as I pinched the little bottle, the top came shooting off. Bright orange ink exploded all over the kitchen floor, table, counter, and even the ceiling. But it didn't stop there, it was all over my face and some got on Mikenna too. I yelled, "You've got to be kidding me!!" Kasey looked over from the living room (he and his dad were watching A Christmas Story) and proceeded to help me clean it up not even noticing that it was all over my face... When he finally discovered the splatters all over me, did he help me clean it off? Nope. He pointed and laughed. What a sweet guy... Honestly though, it was pretty funny. I was laughing all through clean up too... It wasn't washing off so I took shower #2. When I was coming back down the stairs, I smelled the delicious aroma of burning potatoes. Yep, officially ticked. I was able to save them just fine, but it was quite a scare.
What a fun little experiment... NOT! Ha!
No time? I make time! Ugh! 
Nice Kasey... Put down your fork! :)
Not a bad Christmas dinner if I do say so myself.
The girls and their grandpa!
We were all sad to see him go.
Mikenna was worried sick about her little guinea pig, Tom. He had developed an abcess from what we thought was a love bite from his brother, Jerry. Kasey and I had been cleaning it daily but he just didn't seem to be getting any better. We took him to the vet one Saturday afternoon and got him cleaned up and on antibiotics. The vet was explaining that guinea pigs usually weigh about a pound or so and when he placed Tom on the scale, he weighed a whopping 3 pounds! WOW! He's fully healed now, but it took a good month!
Kasey's ecstatic about finding a Joe's Crab Shack down in Sandy.
I love this picture, am I a lucky lady or what?! Hot Hubby Alert!!
And that concludes 2012...