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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Happenings

December 8th - Mikenna and Adiee had their school Christmas Concerts. Noni came to see them sing and spent a few days here with us! The next day, we did those gingerbread houses that I had mentioned earlier with the 2 kiddos I watch every now and then. Don't mind the kitty scratches on Isla's cheek, she won't leave Lucy alone... :) They were in candy heaven as they unwrapped all their leftover halloween candy and decorated their houses! Yes girls, I did see the many pieces that you tried to "sneak".
Our little "elves" hard at work! :)
Tried to make the candy less tempting to eat with royal icing, glitter, and glue. It worked for the most part, except Isla took a big ol' bite of the frosting after I specifically said not to since it was made of raw egg whites and sugar... Ugh!
All finished! What a day!
Back in November, Babbette (the owner/teacher at their dance studio) asked me to make her grand-daughter a bow to match her dress for their Thanksgiving program at preschool. They loved it and so she asked me if I would want to put a basket of bows I've made out on her counter and sell them at her studio!
This is what we threw together and I've already made a couple hundred dollars, selling them super cheap. Thank you Babbette, you are so kind!
December 15 - I went "shopping" downtown with my new friend Sarah, and although it was unsuccessful, all of the 2 shops we visited were closing, it was a lot of fun! We weren't really ready to call it a night, so she came inside to chat for a little while. When we got home, Adiee had thrown up and was asleep, Kasey said that she was VERY worried about not being able to go to school for her class Christmas Party which was also PJ day to reward them of their efforts as a school (K-5th Grade) for bringing in over 1,700 cans of food during their annual food drive. She seemed just fine, so we let her go. I went to Adiee's class party, and Kasey went to Mikenna's! It was awesome that he was able to sneak away from work for a little bit to go so that they both had a parent there - HOW are we going to make it work when Isla's in school?!?! I guess we will just have to wait and see :)

Just a random FYI, this miserable place we call home isn't nearly as awful now that we have met a few family friends! So my days are not as lonely anymore, and are now filled with coffee dates and playdates, family dinners, etc... It's so much more enjoyable here now-a-days!

I made "lumps of coal" for a snack while we watched holiday movies with a few of the girls' friends.
December 18 - We went to Casper to celebrate my grandpa's 70th birthday! My Uncle Victor was able to come down from Salt Lake City and it was so nice to see him! It's been way too long - I just wish the rest of his family could've made it. Miss you guys!! The party was cut short for us though, Kasey had to get back home to be on-call so Mike could go take care of his wife who had an accident a few days before. We also finished up all of our Christmas shopping, YAY!

Days before Christmas, Santa sent each one of our girls an email to let them know if they were nice... or naughty! I should have video taped them watching the videos because Adiee was talking to him through the screen, Isla let him know that she was wearing her bathing suit, and Mikenna was on pins and needles to see if she was going to make the nice list (she had just got busted for throwing her frosted flakes across the table at Adiee - HA!!) Their sighs of relief were just priceless! Thank you portable north pole, those videos were so cute!