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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blowing Off Steam

I hate that I haven't been blogging as much as usual lately... And I hate that "I'm busy" is my excuse - who isn't? Anyway, I have a lot going on right now! I feel kind of stressed out lately and it sucks! Kasey and I are still trying to accept that we live here in Rawlins (ridiculous, I know but it has been a long winter), I also just got my bill for my surgery last November and YUCK! It looks like we owe almost $7,000. I'm missing our old insurance right about now. Funny how one piece of mail can pretty much ruin your day... It's funny because when I opened it I was really upset about it and Kasey said "... it's a small price to pay to still have you here with me..." What a sweet man! :-) On top of all that, a couple of weeks ago I noticed Adiee's eyes would occasionally cross a little but I wasn't sure if she was just being silly or if she really couldn't help it, so I have been freaking out about that... Preschooling takes up a lot of my time; and I have been taking some time for myself and my creative outlet - hair bows and flower clips for my girls.

We took a quick little unexpected trip to Casper last weekend to go to the 4-H carnival, my grandpa's surprise "heart attack party", browsed Hobby Lobby, I also went to the health fair and got a blood chemistry panel along with some other screenings, and wanted to get the girls into the eye doctor. Unfortunately Dr. Hodgson's office couldn't squeeze us in for a full appointment, but Doug took Adiee and me back to give me some peace of mind (how nice! I got to know him real well when I worked for the vision center). It looks like she might be favoring her right eye and have slight esophoria (where her eye turns inward, but it's not all the time nor is it very often) she may need glasses, and we will go through the works when we come back. I made the appointment for the night before we leave to Denver right before our Disney World trip because I know we will be in town but I hope to be able to move that up just depending on Kasey's on-call schedule or perhaps I will go alone again, but I don't like doing that. Ugh!! So much going on I could scream!

I could really use a vacation, May can't come soon enough! 36 Days!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unexpected Hiatus

Wow, I haven't not posted for this long ever since I started blogging almost 2 years ago. But, I'm back and I haven't quit my blog or anything; I just have been focusing on Adiee's preschooling more than ever these last couple months. She is making such progress and I have started to look for a couple classmates for her, it was a big decision for me to open my home up to the public but I am confident I made the right decision - Adiee now has that socializing aspect she was missing out on. She is so funny, she was talking to my mom the other day and she told her, "Mommy ordered me some friends!" We order online a lot since moving here so it seems we are always are getting packages so that's where she got that! Hilarious - I ordered her some friends... Poor girl! Haha :)
Just a few highlights...

Our daily calendar activity...

Added bonus: Isla is learning a whole lot too!
Coin sorting activity for President's Day...
Anyway, other things we have been up to in the months January and February hasn't been much but here it goes...
Kasey and I were dreading tax time since we have gone through so many changes over the past year. We made an appointment with an accountant to have them done because it was so intimidating all the forms we had to file, but I ended up doing them myself as I usually do (I decided I would give it a try and if it proved to be to much then I would just back out of it and keep our appointment). Call me crazy, but I really enjoy doing them; and I also saved us a minimum of $200-$300 so win/win! :) I took an accounting class in college and not only was I really good at it, but I loved it! Anywho, we were expecting the worst but were pleasantly surprised when we didn't owe anything.
The girls spent 2 nights in Casper with my mom the weekend before Valentines Day. It was really nice to spend a little time just being a couple. We ate dinner at a little restaurant called The Aspen House and Kasey bought me a necklace that I said I wanted a little while back. Not to mention the sweetest messages he writes me on Facebook. So it was pretty great! He is so good to me!

Mikenna has been doing fantastic in school, her teacher recently sent a note home covered with "O"s for outstanding in all aspects of the classroom. We are so proud of her. Adiee is going to be FIVE at the end of the month! She is so excited; me, not so much. Kasey and I are planning to revamp her bedroom. I have been ordering and gathering all sorts of goodies for her :) And Isla is now fully potty trained which is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I still have a hard time believing that I am completely done with diapers!

And finally... Drumroll please because this is a big one!!
Oh yeah, baby! We are thrilled to be able to take our sweet girls on such a vacation. They don't even know yet! Plane tickets are bought, Disney Resort is paid for, and we have reservations at all kinds of hot spots like character dining, dinner shows, and guaranteed seats for Fantasmic! a show with over 50 costumed characters, music, water effects, pyrotechnics, etc... Sure to be a BLAST!! I was bummed that the Cinderella's Royal Table was already all booked up, but I don't even think we will notice! Also, I ordered them each one of these babies with their names embroidered on the back.

We are planning on giving them to them sometime at the airport (right before boarding the plane, perhaps?) I don't know, we are SUPER excited though. We will be spending the night in Denver the day before we leave and we will go out to eat, swim, etc... Then we will be parking the Tahoe at DIA and will be riding a yellow with black polka dot shuttle to the airport. We will be in Orlando at 4:19 pm, will be riding the Disney Magical Express to the resort and that night we will be attending a luau type dinner and show with category 2 seats! We will be spending 5 nights there, and will be leaving the 6th day at noon, and will be back to Denver at 6:30! These next 2 months can't go quick enough!! :)