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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tooth Drama

This morning Mikenna jumped into our bed and woke us up... She said that her tooth hurt really bad, so I took a look at it and it was sticking straight out - it was barely loose to begin with, I thought that it would be awhile before that tooth fairy visited us again... ;) We asked her what the heck she did to it and she told us that she fell out of bed! I didn't question her because she seemed like she was in pain, but I knew that she either is a very talented faller or she was fibbing. Hehe :) There wasn't much we could do because she didn't want to pull it just yet because it was hurting her - so we decided to leave it alone for a while and check on it later. She eventually told me that she didn't really fall out of bed (go figure! haha) and that she bit down on one of her play food french fries and made the tooth really loose... She thought she was going to get in trouble for doing that?!? Silly girl!

Tonight, she came out into the living room and said that she wanted her tooth gone. I think she regretted saying that once we started. :) We gave her a napkin like last time and she tried to pull it herself; no luck. Kasey tried; no luck. I even gave it a go; still no luck! It was a slippery little tooth! So Kasey decided to tie a piece of floss to it and do the "slam the door" routine (which I was against! Too scary!) After watching another kid doing it online she got an "if that girl could do it, so can I" attitude and she actually let Kasey slam the door; but the floss slipped right off! Kasey tied it onto the tooth again and Mikenna said, "Just let me pull it." So she did! How brave is that?!?!
Right after the tooth came out, the timer for dinner went off. Just in time! Kasey and I teased her that we were going to have to puree everything into a smoothie since all of her teeth are falling out. She took a bite of dinner and said, "Hey, this doesn't taste like ice cream!" HILARIOUS!!! :-)
Quite the ordeal! :) And it was all, or most of it was, caught on tape! :-) haha!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It Is January, Right?

It's January, and the weather was nice enough to walk to the park and play with their new 3D sidewalk chalk. Adiee is wearing the 3D glasses... They actually work - it's pretty neat. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

From Me to My Girls

Mikenna came home with an assignment for us to write a short something about her to describe what she is like on the inside in honor of Martin Luther King Day. A lesson on appreciating people for their hearts and actions - not their physical appearances. I'm a little rusty on writing poetry (I actually didn't like it much in school) but I wanted it to be more heartfelt than writing a list of words. I wrote it with all 3 girls in mind, so this is what I came up with :-)

If only words could say,
How much that we love you,
We always feel this way,
No matter what you do.

Your Mommy 'n' Daddy,
Felt a love so new,
For this lovely baby,
The moment we met you.

We just want to express,
To please know that you're smart,
You never fail to impress,
Especially with your art.

We have watched you grow,
Fed your curious mind,
Are amazed at all you know,
And above all; You are kind.

Big sister so caring,
Invest your heart and soul,
Yet sometimes over-bearing,
But you know your role.

We can't wait to see,
The wonderful woman you will be.

Priveledged and proud to be your parents - We couldn't have asked for a better daughter(s).

All Our Love,
Mommy ♥ Daddy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 - Happy New Year!

We brought in the New Year with Kyle, Windy, and family and their neighbors. We hardly ever stay out late with the kiddos, but we didn't get home until after midnight!! An amusing night full of good food and great company. As the adults played games to pass the time, the cousins played together as the little ones started falling asleep one by one. Adiee was the only one of ours that made it to midnight - but I don't think that was by choice. :-) She was so tired!

2010 is promising to be an amazing year for our family...

March ~ We were planning our first MAJOR family vacation over spring break to the Oregon Coast. But a possible job opportunity came up, and the job market is still down with no end in sight. So it's post-poned until this summer, when Mikenna and Adiee are out of school. And at the end of the month, our beautiful Adiee will be 4!!!

~ SUMMER 2010 ~
To us, this is the best time of the year filled to the brim with all of our favorite outdoor activities and weekend trips!

June ~ Our sweet Mikenna will be 6!!!

August ~ We have a family reunion on my side, and a reunion on his side.

September ~ Mikenna will be in 1st grade...that's right, 1ST GRADE!! And Miss Adiee will be in her last preschool class before kindergarten! That I cannot believe. And baby Isla hasn't escaped my grips quite yet thank goodness! :-) And at the end of the month, she will be 2!! WOW!!!

December ~ Christmas is always wonderful and right around New Years, we have a family reunion at a ski lodge Pahaska where about 50 people are all under one roof for 5 days. :-)