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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emergency Room

Not only was this Isla's first emergency room trip, it was our first ER trip EVER. We have been very fortunate to have never had to experience it...until now!

We put miss Isla went to bed around 7:30, like every other night; but woke me up around 1 in the morning. She didn't have a fever really so I cuddled her for a couple minutes and layed her back down. She awoke again shortly after I fell back asleep. I figured she was fine so I was going to leave her alone for a while - let her work it out herself. She wasn't going to cooperate and just go back to sleep, so I went and got her from her room. She stopped crying after I picked her up, but her breathing was so labored, and she had developed a cough that was very dry and unproductive...even painful sounding.

Kasey and I had never heard any of our kiddos make such a sound, we weren't sure what it was and it kind of scared us. We didn't want to chance it, so I got dressed and took her in. I called Kasey from the parking garage of the hospital and told him that she seemed better and her breathing was almost back to normal, just a little raspy. But we decided that we better just talk to a nurse or doctor about it anyways. Isla and I waited in a room for an hour and a half, with a nurse checking in on us occasionally. The doctor finally walks in and the first thing he said to me is, "It's croup." It kind of threw me off-guard because he hadn't checked her out at all yet. I asked him how he knew, and he asked if she had a fever - not really, if she was fine before we put her to bed - yes... Then she coughed and he said, "Yep, that's croup." I was satisfied after he heard her cough and I had been asked some questions. We sat in the room for another half hour or so, while they administered a cool-mist nebulizer and steriod treatment, then gave me an antibiotic to take home. Her nurse thought that Isla was the cutest, most well-behaved babies she has seen in a long time if not ever (a direct quote! haha) She was very impressed with how she took medicine without any kind of struggle and her fun personality - she got to experience the finger squeezing frustration look that she does - soooo cute!! And when we were walking out, and she asked me to come show Isla to all the other nurses.
2 hours and $800 dollars later...we were all at home and well! :)

Isn't that the saddest thing?? This breaks my heart, but makes me laugh at the same time! She was actually being goofy - she didn't like the mist in her face so she closed her eyes and was making faces... What a trooper! :)