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Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Day of Kindergarten

The last time I will drop her off for kindergarten... Sad :( And the last time we will be at Fort Caspar Academy since we are moving to a new town this summer.

Mikenna is officially not a kindergartener anymore!! She also had so much stuff in her desk that she had to have another bag for all of her papers! :) Wow... now she's a first grader!!

Today has another special meaning for me... Saying no to a door-to-door salesman!! I know that most of you will think this is pathetic, but I am awful, I usually give in because I can't say no and especially after they do their sales pitch and their dumb demonstration I feel bad saying no. BUT NOT TODAY!!! haha :) He asked me to write on my shirt with the sharpie he had. Ummm, No... Are you kidding, I don't want to do that. So after he did his thing - cleaned sharpie off his rag, and scrubbed my sidewalk (? don't ask me, it was supposed to compare to my oven?), I said no thank you, and he said that he would just leave this bottle of super duper cleaner with me and I wouldn't even have to pay for it for 20 days! 20 days can you believe it?!? hahaha! I just said no thank you again and that I just wasn't interested. I felt bad right after, but then when he scoffed with a well that's fine, I make $16 an hour just to walk around in this sunshine...yada yada yada... I felt a feeling of such empowerment!! :) I think I love saying no!! haha ;) Good day!

Our New Car

We bought a new car last night!
It's a beautiful Chevrolet Z71 Tahoe and I LOVE it!!

Last Days as a Kindergartener

Hero Days...
Mikenna was to pick a person from history for a social studies project. She had to dress up like them and memorize four facts about them. I gave her a few people to choose from and she picked Neil Armstrong because she "likes space". I was having a heck of a time trying to find items to make a space suit and the plan I did have turned out to just look dumb. So I was scrambling to figure out what I was going to do, I ended up making a rocket ship with a box and she wrote on the side "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." and "Apollo 11". On the top she also wrote, "To the moon or bust!" While I drew NASA logos and flags on it. It turned out to be super cute, we got so many compliments on it! Apparently I do my best work when the pressure's on! haha :) At school, they mixed up the kids from different grades and classes to put on a presentation of the person they were portraying.

Last Blast Picnic...
Adiee, Isla and I packed up the picnic basket and headed to Mikenna's school for their last blast picnic. We ate lunch, played on the playground, did a bean bag toss, donuts on a string, got ice cream, and watched Mrs. Geise get dunked in the water over and over and over again! What a great sport, she just kept getting on that thing - it looked exhausting! All three girls fell asleep before we had left the parking lot... They had a great time!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daddy's HOME!!!

Kasey has been gone for 2 weeks in Salt Lake City doing all kinds of paperwork, safety training, and testing for his new job with ConocoPhillips. On the first day he drove to Rawlins to pick up his work truck, the next day he went to Rock Springs to attend a safety meeting, the company also paid for new fire-rated clothing and dropped 2 grand on that alone! And then he drove to Salt Lake where he got his work laptop, cell phone, etc.. and did all of his hiring paperwork and started the training process where he had to do hours and hours of testing.

I am so happy for him, because this job is what he has been after since he started his schooling and training, and for him to finally have achieved his goal is just amazing!! He is the newest Instrumentation and Electrician Technician (that's a lot of ician's!! haha) For short, his job title is I&E Technician. We aren't really looking forward to moving to Rawlins, but it will be a great way to gain experience, job stability and we will be able to transfer in a few years so for the time being we are going to look at it with our glasses half full - it's a new adventure...

I can't tell you how much I missed him! And I guess I didn't really know how much I missed him until he rolled up in front of the house!! I had the front door open and when I saw him pull up I yelled "Girls! Daddy's HOME!!" I picked up Isla and busted out the front door and when I saw him get out of his truck I just started bawling!!! I couldn't control myself!! Haha :-) We have never been apart for this long before!!

This is Kasey and his new work truck...pretty nice!! :) And he came bearing gifts... He brought Mikenna and Adiee this really pretty handmade glass heart for each of them - they really love little trinkets like this and are constantly toting them around. For Isla, he got this rubber bouncy horse that their tumbling studio has - something that they can all share. That thing is crazy, it can support up to like 400 pounds, so it is durable and that's always a plus with our crazy kiddos!! haha :) And for me, he went to Williams Sonoma and he got be this really pretty pink apron with the logo on it and some potato and veggie gloves - he is such a wonderful husband, I have been wanting an apron for a while and the gloves are pretty cool too! He knows what I like!! ;)

I'm really sad though, because he has to leave again on Monday to Billings, MT. But it isn't for as long so it's okay, plus he is going to meet up with an old friend and go to dinner while he's there. I'm excited for the girls' school and after school activities to wrap up so we can go on some of these trips with him!! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Adiee's Last Preschool Program

Adiee's last preschool program, at least for this year. I think she was looking for us in this picture... Since Kasey was out of town, I had to take all 3 kiddos and try to take pictures and video all by myself. Thankfully Noni came with us, so she sat with Mikenna and Isla while I tried to take pictures and video of miss Adiee. This was a fairly irritating night... I couldn't see Adiee at all, so video was not the greatest, I mostly have some guys bald head on the screen and I had to give that up because Isla for some reason was acting up. She cried the ENTIRE time, I had to leave the room to get her under control. What makes me mad is that Isla never cries like that... So not only did I not get to see her sing, I couldn't even hear her. Total bummer...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

R.I.P. Chloiee

Chloiee Madison Black
1999 - 5/18/2010
Chloiee was an AKC registered parti cocker spaniel. She was a great dog for the time that we had her and she will be missed dearly. She was in pain for a while before she was put down so I know that she is at peace now. We love you Chloiee!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recital Pictures

There are a lot of pictures in this one... I tried so hard to pick my favorites, but they are ALL my favorites!!! I have never had such an easy time taking pictures! I didn't need to coach them at all and EVERY single one of them turned out fantastic!! :) Made for one ecstatic momma that's for sure! haha!
What pretty little ladies!! I promise I tried to limit myself... haha :)
I just can't stop... haha ;-)
They are GORGEOUS!!
Her 50's ponytail... Super cute! She looks so grown up...too grown up!
Adiee's hair has grown quite a bit! Look at her curls!
So sweet!! :-)
Perfect little angels!

Friday, May 7, 2010

FCA Track Day

We bought Mikenna a new outfit for her very FIRST (real) track day! She tried it on the night before and tested it out just to make sure that it would make her faster for her big day! haha :) Turns out, it totally does!
She was so excited while she was waiting for all the races and activities to begin!
The 100 meter dash!
and push-ups...
Kasey and I were there rooting her on the whole day, but we all left about an hour early because the clouds rolled in and it was sooo cold!! So we went and picked miss Adiee up from school and went out to lunch! :) Mikenna got a white ribbon and a yellow! Way to go baby!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Birthday Yet!!

My Birthday has been a great one! Kasey tried to surprise me with a cake that he had ordered but Mikenna was the one who let that one out! Hey, it's only fair!! haha :) He got me a couple movies, "It's Complicated" and "Avatar" as well as a little gadget that I wanted, it peels the middle out of strawberries. It's kind of a joke, we were at the mall looking at kitchen gadgets and I said I wanted it for my birthday - and he wasn't sure if he could manage the 6 dollars...and so on. We are a couple of dorks! haha :) Kasey also surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, aren't they pretty!?! He is such a sweetheart!

We went to my moms house for a little while and had the cake that Kasey bought. She got me a beautiful bracelet with the babies' names on it!! I can't wait to get it! The girls stayed the night at Noni's while we went to dinner and 2 movies... Then we went to breakfast with just the two of us the next morning.

And on another note: Miss Adiee drew a picture of our whole family for the first time!!! Isn't it great!?! I think she did a fabulous job! I love how my eyelashes are so pronounced! This is definitely a keeper!! :)

Great Birthday!!