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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happily Married for 5 Years and Counting...

Five years ago, Kasey and I were married in the backyard of a wedding officiant, headed to the hospital and 15 hours later our sweet little Mikenna entered the world. Not the traditional way of doing things, but it works for us!! :-)

To celebrate this occasion, I made arrangements for my sister to watch the girls last night (Saturday 6/13); their first overnighter with anyone! Yikes!! We went to a couple of movies and out to dinner, it was nice spending time alone together...minus the tornado warning!

We had gone to one movie and then out to dinner, when the tornado sirens starting going off (I didn't even know that Casper had them, this is the first time I had ever heard them!) and there was an announcement to tune into the weather station because of the tornado warning, they went over some safety procedures, the wind was kicking up and the sky was looking a bit ominous. Once we left the parking lot of the restaurant, we could see more of the sky and there was what looked like a funnel cloud forming, I wish I had my camera at that moment. I was really worried about our kids being elsewhere, so I called Melanie to tell her to keep an eye out. We ran home to let the dogs in, get the girls warmer pajamas, etc... When we got there, Sara was in the drive way, and Pete (a.k.a. idiot dog) was nowhere to be found...the gate was open!! (How, I don't know!?) So, Kasey stayed in the car, driving around trying to find him, while I got some things together to take to Melanie's. When I was done, Kasey still hadn't found the dog. I started to walk up the street calling his name, and talking to neighbors (wasn't helping my anxiety, they told me that a tornado had actually been spotted, pretty much things that I didn't want to hear at this time...) I eventually found him; a neighbor about 10 houses down had him. Kasey picked me up and we went to my sister's house to check on everyone. The lightning and thunder was so amazing, and then the rain started pouring, followed by huge hail. We (sister, kids, and all) got into our car and drove up the mountain to watch the storm, seems we weren't the only ones that had this idea! The sides of the streets were packed all the way up. We ended up staying for a little while, when everything started to calm down, we decided to pick up where we left off... We went to another movie (a scary one), good thing we were the only ones in the theater, I actually screamed out loud like ten times!!! Might have been that I was in a heightened state of...what's the word?? Anyway, we went home and enjoyed the rest of our night and picked the babies up the next morning!

What a night for mother nature to freak out!! This was definitely a night we will remember!!! :-)
Happy Anniversary Babe!!
I love you so much!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mikenna wants to be a Mommy, not a Daddy!

I thought this was really funny so I thought I would share! :-)

Today, out-of-the-blue, Mikenna said, "I wish I would grow faster." Kasey asked her why, and she replied, "because I want to be a grown-up. Grown-ups get to do whatever they want." (The funny thing is, is that I have no idea what sparked this particular thought. It's not like she wanted to do something that we said no to, or anything like taking a nap, etc...) Then Kasey said that she is lucky that she is a kid because she can play all day and doesn't have to go to work to make money. She looked at Kasey like he was crazy! She said, "I want to be a mom." Kasey and I looked at eachother, and she continued, "I don't want to be a daddy, I'm a girl!!" (because to her, dads are the ones who work, not moms!) HAHA!! We tried to set her straight and tell her that some moms do work. No such luck - she knows everything you know, you're just wasting your time trying to convince her otherwise! What a funny little girl :-)