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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Krazy Kids!!

Just a silly picture post... :)
February 21 we had fun taking goofy pictures:

They are so fun!!

Isla's Mishap

Last night around 6-6:30, Isla was being really moody and clumsy. She was walking around the spring horse and tripped, her face falling right into the bar. She started crying pretty hard, Kasey went to pick her up and her mouth was bleeding. He opened her lips and she had knocked her left front tooth behind her other one, has a fat lip and a bruise on the left side of her nose. She is notorious for being really whiny and clumsy when she gets tired and she chipped her tooth on a halloween decoration like 6 months ago. And it was her left side that time as well. I don't think there's anything they can do for her tooth right now, but I've added "call the dentist" to my to-do list for Monday - just to see what they say. With her fat lip, she kind of resembles a who (from Dr. Seuss) From the pictures it doesn't look too horrible so I hope that it really isn't and it's just me that's freaking out about nothing... :( Poor kiddo!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Preschool Pajama Day

It was Pajama Day at Adiee's preschool. This is right up her alley because pjs are her clothing of choice... Right when we get home from school (at noon that is) she always asks if she can change into her jammies, she would rather not get dressed in the morning, if Isla is in her pajamas - she says, "How come Isla's in her jammas and I'm not?" in a semi-whiney tone. It used to be cute, now not so much! haha :) At least she asks now! Before she would just do it and I would have to go somewhere (say to pick up Mikenna, or run an errand) and she wouldn't be dressed, it used to make me so mad - especially if we were crunched for time! :) But now she asks and it's all good! Anyway, she had a BLAST at school that day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Ponytail

Isla's first ponytail. She is so cute, you could tell that she felt pretty! :)

She wasn't just walking around, she was struttin' her stuff! Haha!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Blog Book

I started working on my blog book today... I imported my blog to the program and worked on it for about 10 hours (with breaks of course!) eliminating 34 pages of wasted space and added 8 pages of pictures, descriptions and stories... Initially there were 124 pages for 6 months worth of blog entries and now there are 98 pages and am adding onto the first 6 months that are blogless :)

I had a hard time falling asleep and couldn't wait to get up and start again! It's so easy to get lost in those memories again! This is so much fun, time-consuming and very tedious, but lots of fun!! :)

I am moving along quite quickly, I took out another 15 pages and added on 9. I worked on it all day, with a few 'breaks' - if you call cooking and cleaning a break... haha :) And with that, I'm going to call it a night! :-)

Day 3 - didn't get as much done because I was busy running errands but I got rid of 4 pages and added 4 fully done ones... So I am trekking along :)

Day 4 - Erased 7 more pages, haven't added any just editing the ones that are already there today... :) I am at 85 pages and still have quite a bit to do still!