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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blowing Off Steam

I hate that I haven't been blogging as much as usual lately... And I hate that "I'm busy" is my excuse - who isn't? Anyway, I have a lot going on right now! I feel kind of stressed out lately and it sucks! Kasey and I are still trying to accept that we live here in Rawlins (ridiculous, I know but it has been a long winter), I also just got my bill for my surgery last November and YUCK! It looks like we owe almost $7,000. I'm missing our old insurance right about now. Funny how one piece of mail can pretty much ruin your day... It's funny because when I opened it I was really upset about it and Kasey said "... it's a small price to pay to still have you here with me..." What a sweet man! :-) On top of all that, a couple of weeks ago I noticed Adiee's eyes would occasionally cross a little but I wasn't sure if she was just being silly or if she really couldn't help it, so I have been freaking out about that... Preschooling takes up a lot of my time; and I have been taking some time for myself and my creative outlet - hair bows and flower clips for my girls.

We took a quick little unexpected trip to Casper last weekend to go to the 4-H carnival, my grandpa's surprise "heart attack party", browsed Hobby Lobby, I also went to the health fair and got a blood chemistry panel along with some other screenings, and wanted to get the girls into the eye doctor. Unfortunately Dr. Hodgson's office couldn't squeeze us in for a full appointment, but Doug took Adiee and me back to give me some peace of mind (how nice! I got to know him real well when I worked for the vision center). It looks like she might be favoring her right eye and have slight esophoria (where her eye turns inward, but it's not all the time nor is it very often) she may need glasses, and we will go through the works when we come back. I made the appointment for the night before we leave to Denver right before our Disney World trip because I know we will be in town but I hope to be able to move that up just depending on Kasey's on-call schedule or perhaps I will go alone again, but I don't like doing that. Ugh!! So much going on I could scream!

I could really use a vacation, May can't come soon enough! 36 Days!!

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  1. You're doing great!! That is quite the load though:) but your trip to disney world will be just the ticket you need! So fun!