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Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Engagement

OCTOBER 10, 2003 - We had spent the morning together (typical, we were inseparable from date #1!!) I had to work that day at the vision center from noon until around 6ish. I parked my car in the apartment's parking lot, my window overlooked the lot. I happened to look up at my window, and there weren't any lights on so I figured that Kasey wasn't home. I unlocked my door, and to my surprise, Kasey was home after all. What I saw when I walked in was: he was on the floor, the TV wasn't on, it was completely dark except there were candles lit on the floor around him, and that's all I could see because the half wall was in the way... I had no idea what was going on.

First thought I had, was that he was praying or meditating or something like that, which I thought was strange, but maybe he wasn't expecting me home yet :-) I stayed by the front door, and I whispered "Do you want me to leave??" (so he could finish whatever he was doing.) He laughed and said, "No! Come here." I questionably shut the door, wondering "what is he doing?" I walked in, past the half wall, and stopped at the living room entry. He was sitting on a blanket that he had spread out on the floor. There was a picnic basket, plates and glasses set out, candles, and a bouquet of roses and baby's breath. I was blown away by the romantic setting he had created! It had obviously taken a lot of thought and preparation.

"Sit down next to me." he said. And I did, he leaned in for a kiss, and I can remember the sweet, clean smell of his cologne. At this point I asked him what in the world he was doing, he replied, "I just wanted to do something special to let you know how much I love you, so I put together a picnic dinner. Open the basket..." I, being stubborn :-), said "No, you open it. You should serve me dinner since this was your idea." He then said, "You open it, you're closer." I gave in, said "okay," and opened the basket.

There staring me right in the eye, was an open, off-white octagonal box with a black velvet interior holding a simple, yet extremely gorgeous, diamond ring. Speechless, I looked at him with my mouth wide open and my eyes welling up with a tear, I had no words. He got on one knee, (by this time it is taking everything I have to not bawl uncontrollably) he reached over to the picnic basket and took the ring out. "Krista," pause, "Will you marry me?"

A tear had finally escaped, "YES!!" and being in total shock, I believe I asked him if he was sure! Putting the ring on my finger, he laughed and said, "I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't absolutely sure! I am so in love with you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!" He kissed me again, and started to dish up our dinner. We had chicken strips and potato wedges from Albertson's :-). He had been so busy while I was away at work, there was no time to actually make dinner, but it did make for good conversation! (haha) I also remember asking him if he was nervous to ask me, and he said, "Of course, I was asking a beautiful woman to be mine for the rest of our lives, of course I was nervous! I figured you would say yes, but I didn't know you would say yes." Needless to say, that was the right response :-)! (haha)

I asked him about what all he had been up to. Right after we parted ways, he went to Zales to pick out my ring, this took a substantial part of the day, it's a big decision!! He picked a round cut stone, because 'it is the most brilliant of cuts,' and that it was also a 'perfect' diamond (I put these words in quotes because this was told to him by the sales lady trying to make a pretty commission off of him ;-). He did great in my book!! After he had bought the ring, he went to his brother Kyle's house and asked his wife and sister for some proposal ideas. Kasey borrowed the blanket and picnic basket, went to stores for candles, flowers, and dinner. Then rushed home, set up, and waited in the dark. He had Kyle's wife, Windy, and sister, Misti, wait in the parking lot and had them call him when I got home; he didn't want me to see the flickering candlelight.

After we had spent the evening together, we decided to go to share the news of our engagement to Kyle, Windy and Misti, who were anxiously awaiting my answer (like they didn't know I would say yes!!) Because they were accomplices in Kasey's little scheme, it only seemed fair to tell them first!

When Kasey and I fell in love 6 years ago, it was real. Very, very real. I still love him wholeheartedly, just as I did back then.

I love you, Kasey!!


  1. That is so awesome. You two are so cute!! I love it!! I am so glad you started blogging!!!! I love bloging becuase you can get online and make your blog posts into a book. I make a book after every full year. It is my way of journaling!!

  2. might be the hormones but i am totally bawling! i forgot about this story..and loooved reading it again! love you guys

  3. I remeber the day i first saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. the day i saw you in the apartments sealed the deal and i know i had to make a move,the worst thing that could happen is you would say no. but you didnt you gave me a chance a chance that changed my life!! After a few days of flurting, i finaly got your phone number and talked to you till i couldent hardly stay awake. i dont think ether of us knew what that would lead to a liftime of endless love, 3 beautiful girls, and a liftime of memories. i never thought that i would have found the girl of my dreams in casper but i did. every time you enter the room i fill with butterflyes, you are my lite in the dark, my path through the woods, my angel, my everything and i em the luckyest man alive to get to spend the rest of eternety with you. My life with you is like heavan on earth and i couldnt ask for a better life. you are my soul mate and i love you with all of my beaing, my heart, soul, and body. i look forward to the rest of our lives together.

    our love for eachother is the reallest thing i have ever experenced and i love you now like i have loved you the first time i saw you.

    I love you too Krista Brown