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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Soccer Stars

Dance classes have ended for the season, and soccer has begun... like 3 weeks ago... Yeah, that's how much I've been neglecting my poor family blog. I wanted to post about last weeks games but I didn't have any pictures to go along with my fascinating story about how super amazingly awesome my girls did because the ominous clouds made me weary of bringing out my nice camera. Tonight was a different story. I have a couple great shots from Mikenna's game and Adiee sat this one out since she had a school music performance at the same time as her game.
Singing her heart out :)

She's got rhythm, that's for sure!
Such a cutie pie!
Just got out of her concert, and headed over to see big sister play soccer. Last Thursday's game, Adiee scored her team's first and only goal that night! Way to go, Adiee! Funny tidbit - while at one of her 2 practices, everybody was chasing the ball around the field and I glance over at her and she's prancing around waving her arms in a flying motion being a fairy or something. Silly girl.
At last Thursday's game, Mikenna showed incredible sportsmanship, strength, and talent. It was a very exciting (and a wee bit stressful for mom) game! Mikenna was definitely an asset to her team, and was out on the field most of the game. The opposing team's goalie had caught the ball and kicked it out of his zone and it hit Mikenna right on the side of her face. Did she quit, cry, or even whine? Heck no! She touched her face, snapped out of it, and ran after the ball all within seconds - not even enough time for the referee to call a time out. The goalie was stunned that he hit her, and couldn't believe that she didn't freak out; this is the same goalie who not to much earlier had kicked the ball all the way across the field (so he's got some oomph behind that foot of his!). The entire audience was shocked at her reaction, and when she got on the side of the field all she said was that her face hurt and it was making her eyes water, I don't think I would have even handled that well. Her coach wanted her to sit out for a quarter, but she didn't want to so he sent her right back in. Within that next quarter, Mikenna was in the middle of the cluster of kids clamoring for that stinkin' ball and her feet got knocked out from under her and she was nearly trampled. I was worried but she dusted herself off again, and kept up with everyone. What a STUD! She was confronted by many impressed parents, coaches, kids, and other witnesses for a day or two. Mikenna definitely liked the attention ;)
Fast and Fearless!
Look at her go!!
 Almost a goal!

We are SO proud of our girls!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun....enjoy the last few days of school and have a fun summer!