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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Mike, the other guy that works at the station with Kasey, unexpectedly took the on-call for the weekend! So we went to Denver for a couple days! An impromptu trip that would have our summer end on a good note... It started fun with the short day trip to South Dakota, the middle wasn't too much fun, but ended with a 2-day trip to Denver. We had a blast! Beware, there's lotsa pictures in this one!!
We got up really early Saturday morning and ate breakfast at home, then hit the road. We pulled into town just as stores and attractions were opening. Our first stop was the REI - Denver Flagship store... A must on our itinerary every time we come here :) They have this awesome rock outside for the kiddos to climb.
Our next stop, the Downtown Aquarium. Another family favorite. The last time we were here, miss Isla was in my belly! :) It's been too long between visits!
Mom and Dad with the girlies...
The tiger came down to say hello ;)
I thought this picture was hilarious! It was pitch black and the flash had captured this: haha! :) Silly girl
LOOK! ;-)
Yikes!! The girls thought this was great! All of them besides Isla that is! Haha :) Not a chance!The last part of the aquarium, Mikenna and Adiee got to touch the sting rays; another thing that Isla wasn't interested in! Haha :) She liked to watch, but there was no way she was putting her hand in there with those strange swimmers!
Adiee really wanted to see the mermaids, we got to see them when they were outside the tank, but the show wasn't going to start for another 2 hours and we had stuff to do! She was glad she at least got to see them :) Then we had lunch at PF Changs... YUM!
Apparently she was very thirsty!
Mikenna with her chopsticks!
Adiee was determined to get it... And she did! We wanted a light lunch because we had dinner plans. So we ordered 2 appetizers and an entree. It was the perfect amount of food and it was delicious. We got the lettuce wraps, salt and pepper calamari, and the mongolian beef.
We then checked into our hotel and relaxed for a while. We were going to go to a movie but opted for a short snooze. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency, the girls loved the express clock elevator and since we stayed on the 7th floor, it made it even more fun to ride the elevator!
They LOVE hotels!
Outside Casa Bonita... It was a little disappointing, our eating area was pretty neat, it was like a cave, but it seems that everything went on while we were sitting in our nook. We went through the haunted house, (we did this 2 years ago when we were here last time and did the haunted house over and over as requested by these two) but this time, it scared Mikenna to death!
The girls liked the gorilla, except Isla obviously! :) We caught the tail end of the show, and when he didn't jump into the waterfall we ended up leaving a little disappointed. The ones who count had a great time though, so it was still well worth it.
After dinner, we came back to the hotel to go SWIMMING! We stayed down there for a couple hours... Boy were they wiped out!
View of downtown Denver from our hotel room.
It's zoo time!! :) We headed to the Denver Zoo for the day. Mikenna was in charge of the camera and took about 200 pictures of random animals; Kasey and I would grab it for a couple quick snapshots that you see here :) The weather was about 75 degrees, it was perfect!
Kasey, the girls and the elephants :)
The girls and I inside the Lorikeet Adventure.
They all got turns feeding the lorikeets nectar...
Something Adiee missed out on last time, she was so tired she fell asleep in the stroller. But not this time!
Finally a little bravery from the little one! Haha :) Isla thought the birds were neat!
Isla is such a character!
Walking with daddy, watching the ducks, geese, and peacocks...
Isla was gettin' sleepy.
On our way home, we saw a huge plume of smoke which we later found out that it was the rampant wildfire in Boulder. This picture isn't the greatest - it was taken with my cell phone in a moving car... So, not the best quality, but the sun looked cool through the smoke! What a weekend - and we thought that we were going to spend our three day weekend bored at home! Thank You Mike! Haha :)

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  1. HOW FUN!! I LOVED all the pictures! You guys are too fun! Mikenna's dress is SOOO cute her first day of school!! CUTE girls!