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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Student of the Month

I got a letter in the mail saying that Mikenna had been awarded 'Student of the Month' and that they were going to make an announcement during their lunch time. The girls and I packed our lunches and went to Mikenna's school to eat with her. During this announcement, I learned that it really is something to be proud of... Not every student will be "Student of the Month" - only the kids that are kind, hard-workers, get their homework done, punctual, well-behaved, etc... Their teachers are the ones who pick them, Thank you for recognizing our wonderful Mikenna, Miss Reed!! :)
Definitely another one of our "Proud Parent Moments"!! Way to go Mikenna!! Keep up the great work! We are so lucky to be your mom and dad!!

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  1. Congratulations Miss Mikenna...we love you and are very proud of you. Tell your mommy and daddy to bring you to our house for a visit. We can go to the Dinosaur Museum, and just have lots of fun!!!!!
    Love Aunt Kristy