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Monday, October 11, 2010

I Broke My Baby :(

(This x-ray was taken on Wednesday, 10/13/10.) Well, I didn't break my baby, but I feel terrible that this happened. On Monday, 10/11/10, Isla had an accident. She and Adiee were playing in Adiee's bedroom. Well I keep all of the girls' stuffed animals on the unused top bunk of Adiee's bed to keep them from taking over our entire house, I keep the ladder put away so that it's less accessible; but Adiee had climbed up there anyways in front of Isla and she decided to do it too... Bad Idea!! She only fell about a foot - less than a fall from the couch, bed, etc... It was just the way she fell. When it happened, I ran to her and could tell that she had gotten pretty hurt. It was about 11 a.m. and she wanted to take her nap, but I kept her up for a little bit to make sure she didn't have a concussion, tried to feed her lunch but she wasn't in the mood. I gave her some motrin and laid her down. I woke her up when it was time to leave to go pick up Mikenna from school and she was sobbing. I called Kasey and told him to hurry home so I could take her to Urgent Care. (Yes, Rawlins has an Urgent Care :) haha)
I asked her to move her arms and hands around to see if something may be broken, and she kept her left arm down with minimal movement at all. I was a walk-in, so we were at the doctors office for 2 1/2 hours. She is such a tough little thing. She was so scared of all the new people, big scary machines, etc... It was so sad, because not only was she hurting but I couldn't seem to comfort her enough. He gave her a sucker and a small toy from a treasure chest and even that didn't calm her nerves too much.
She was terrified of the x-ray machine. I told her it was just a camera like mommy's only way bigger. She kept repeating, 'big, hooge, camera?" :) But it didn't matter, she hated it. Well, they only got her arm in the x-ray picture even though I stressed that the problem didn't seem to be her arm, but her shoulder. He observed the x-ray and there were no breaks. "Just give her tylenol and motrin for the pain and we will do a follow-up on Thursday."
Well, I took her today instead of tomorrow. She was still in a great deal of pain and so I decided to take her in early. Then while Kasey was getting her dressed (it was like 4 in the afternoon, but she was still in her comfy jammies since I didn't plan on going anywhere til now) He noticed that her arm was extremely swollen. I tried to get a picture to show how puffy it was, but this doesn't really do it justice. It only confirmed that I was going to take her in NOW!
I took off her shirt to make sure that the doctor could see the difference between shoulders, tell him that she still is in quite a bit of pain, still keeps her arm in an imaginary sling position, doesn't like to be picked up, hates being buckled in the carseat because it really hurts, and is extremely cautious when she plays. (She takes after me, and is kinda klutzy at certain times of the day - but not at all lately!!)
I asked for another x-ray but of her shoulder this time. He had an x-ray/ultrasound tech do it this time. We had to do it 3 times (because of me... I had no idea that my fingers and wedding ring was blocking right where they wanted to see.) I was trying to hold her still and they had her laying on a mat that had a sharp corner and I was cushioning her head. On the upside, I asked if I could take home one of the outtakes, so I could have it for her baby book/scrapbook/or whatever.
And sure enough, Momma does know best. I knew that she was hurt, I knew that it was her shoulder... She has a fractured clavicle, and I feel awful. She picked the sling with the little teddy bears on it, she doesn't have to wear it but it will help her relax her muscles that were constantly tense when she was holding it up herself. We go back in 3-4 weeks and he said that it should be completely healed; it was fractured but still aligned thank goodness!! I guess I now have a tarnished record... 6 years, 3 kids and not one call to poison control, not one trip to the ER for an injury, and my kiddos are hardly EVER sick! :( We love you little missy! Feel better soon! :-)

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