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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a Day

Today was just one of those days... Those days you know you woke up on the wrong side of the bed... Actually, now that I think of it maybe it was! haha :) I slept on Kasey's side of the bed for the alarm clock now that I'm a working woman and the girls are on spring break :) Anyways, I woke up feeling a little blah. It was really cold this morning, then went to work to realize that I basically worked for free for a short amount of time last week (maybe they will add it on this week, maybe not - oh well). Not too much later after I clocked in, I went to take another test and I missed 4 questions! FOUR! After a streak of not missing any on the first three tests. It wouldn't be that big of a deal because I did pass - but what I got wrong were the things I do everyday like how to sign in - hello!!

And if that wasn't bad enough... A really young couple with an 8-month old baby came in. The mother was wearing pajama pants (pajama pants in a public place - something that most people know irks me pretty bad), a pair of crooked glasses that had one lens completely missing while the other was so smudged I don't know how they were doing her any good, and she had the worst case of bed head I think I have ever seen, there was no way she even attempted to run a comb through it this morning! The little baby girl had boogers all over her face, and was given soda in a bottle...SODA in a BOTTLE at 8 MONTHS old!! Kids that age don't even ask for that crap yet! What in the heck were/are these people thinking?!?! Especially the fact that their own teeth were almost rotten out of their own head! It broke my heart to see such a sad sight. The dad was the one getting an exam and new glasses that day. I was sitting at the dispensing table and had just got done measuring his PDs and was about to key the order into the computer which was less than a foot away, I went to move my rolling stool in front of it when I heard this sweet baby shreak!! They weren't watching her, she was right underneath me and I had rolled right over her little hand. I felt so horrible, it took every ounce of self-control I had in me to not just bawl. I appologized to no end and I was so upset about it. When I got up, I rubbed her little hand and said I was so sorry, and couldn't help but notice that her bottle - the one that had pop in it earlier had water in it, but the bottle was absolutely filthy. Babies that age drink formula, not pop, tea, or dirty water. I helped 2 more customers and thankfully the store cleared out when my co-worker asked me how I was. I just started sobbing. Ever since I've had my girls I have been extra-sensitive to the way all kids are cared for, and the fact that I hurt the poor baby just makes me feel even worse. I realize that this whole thing has been really judgemental and I feel kind of bad about saying any of it because I don't know their situation. But really, how hard is it to keep your youngsters safe, healthy, and clean? Being young isn't an excuse. I was young too.

The day pretty much just carried on the same way, rude phone calls, irritated customers, etc... I am sure glad that it's over! Thank goodness I don't have many days like this!! :-)

The purpose of this downer post was just for me to vent and to say that as much as I wish I could, I can't save everyone. I can only be the very best mother I can to my own children. Sometimes ignorance really can be bliss. And I am thankful for absolutely everything I have in my life. Especially the love and health of myself, my loving husband, and my gorgeous children. I am truly a very, very blessed person.

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  1. So sorry you had a bad day....hope today is better.
    That poor baby, I worry about her future. Your such a great mom with a BIG heart, and your girls are so lucky to have a mama like you.