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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Operation Relocation

Moving day has come and gone, and our relocation is officially complete. It doesn't quite feel that way yet because of how much unpacking and organizing I still have to do. We have so many things, I'm a bit sick of looking at it all! I thought I would take a break from it all to blog about everything so here ya go! :) There are things I like about the new house - the size is nice, and there are some things I definitely don't - like that our air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, so the heat is miserable; there is a fenced yard but it is pretty pitiful, no trees, scattered patches of grass, no privacy... But beggars can't be choosers - we are just glad to be together again! But really, I do feel very lucky to have found a decent place to live when we did. After looking for months and only finding apartments and houses that were too small and/or gross, it was beginning to look hopeless.

As for adjusting to my new surroundings, I haven't left the house much because I have had so much to do here, but so far it drives me nuts that I am forced to shop at City Market (pretty much the only grocery store in town) they are a bit more expensive, the layout doesn't make any sense, and it's been congested every time I have gone so I have decided that I'm going to do my shopping when Kasey is home so I don't have to take the girls. Also, last weekend we went downtown for some ice cream and we were going to go to Sanfords for some lunch, only to find that they had closed it down. It was the only main stream sit down restaurant here... And, we don't really like the greasy spoon or restaurant/bar types, and there are quite a few of those. But maybe we will have to give a few of them a try before I discount all of them. What are ya gonna do? Make lemonade that's what! Haha :) I will just have to use this as an opportunity to fine tune my already awesome cooking skills! ;0)

School starts August 25th and I am still looking for a preschool for Adiee. I may just work with her myself, while Isla is napping and Mikenna is at school. But that isn't ideal because I don't want her to miss out on the field trips and I feel that socializing on her last year of preschool before kindergarten is pretty important. If that's what I end up doing I will have to see about putting her in a few activities through the rec center if they offer them to solve the socializing aspect of this dilema. It will definitely be a transition... I already miss my mom and everyone else, and the amenities and conveniences of a town of at least Casper's size.

A few of our Moving Day pictures...

Kasey has always really liked Chris... What do you think, should I be suspicious? haha :)
The girls making good use of the noodles... :)
It was a little much for miss Isla... She pulled that pillow and blanket across the lawn and napped for quite a while :) Isn't she the sweetest??
Goodbye tire swing...
At the new house...As if we didn't have enough to do, Isla dumped the remaining potting soil while eating dinner. Thanks Isla. Kasey was home so he helped me. I cleaned up the peeved baby while he cleaned up the table, chair, and floor. Halfway through, he said that he thought he got the harder job but in all fairness he was the one who wanted to switch and that's why I accepted so quickly! Haha!! ;)

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