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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Party Time!

Planning Mikenna's Birthday is always hard because it's summer, and everyone gets super busy or leaves town - we always are! Well it's that time again this year and time was slipping away yet again, and we are right in the middle of relocating, 4th of July, camping with Kasey's brothers, and Kasey has been working a ton... So we had to just pick a date and hope that some of her friends would be able to make it; that day was July 2nd - the Friday before the 4th... Not a very smart idea but the plan was for Kasey to be able to make it, and it not be too long after her actual birthDAY. I was really wanting to throw the party myself, but time was just running out and we went to a going away party for her friend Brooklynn and she had a blast; Mikenna also leaned over to me when we were there and said, "This is where I want to have my party so I can sit in that princess chair!" Haha :)

We sent out about 20 invites in hopes that we could get a few kiddos to come! :(
Sending the invitations...
Out of all the friends we invited, there were 6 at the party (including Mikenna and Adiee) Disappointing, but it was expected. And to boot, Kasey ended up being on-call so he couldn't come home at all that weekend! :( So I dropped Isla off at Noni's house, that's an expensive store to put a baby down in...haha!
They painted their own tiles which I have to go pick them up and deliver them along with Thank You notes.
After they were done painting, it was time to open presents! She got all sorts of goodies! The buckets were the kids' "treat bags", I didn't know exactly how many were coming so I made extra... and then went home with extra... Yipee! haha :-/
She picked out a Hanna Montana cake and she LOVED being sung to...again!

All in all, she had a great party! Thank you to everyone that came to make Mikenna's 6th birthday extra special! :)

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