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Friday, August 27, 2010

School? Or Free Daycare?

I am seriously peeved at the moment. Mikenna has been in school for 3 days now and has not had one homework assignment or any papers coming home what-so-ever. I will be making an appointment with the school/teacher and find out just what the heck they have been doing and what they want the kids to accomplish this year. I'm not this crazy, fly-off-the-handle parent either or think that my daughter is a genius and should be put in college; I just feel that they should at least be getting started already!

Mikenna comes home, I ask her what she did for the day, "Um, I played with playdoh, and went on a bus to see ponies." Okay, did you learn anything? "Ummm, I did shapes..." Did you read? "My teacher read us a story, she has the same book we have..." Did you do numbers? "We wrote some numbers on a dry erase board..." I understand that we are only 3 days in, and some things may have slipped her mind. But Mikenna can read, write, do addition and subtraction using numbers up to 20 so far, among MANY other things. Playdoh and shapes in my oppinion are things learned in preschool and reviewed in kindergarten... They get it, let's move on...

I also feel that there is a lack of communication, the bus thing kind of irks me the wrong way, I don't mind if she goes on field trips but I would at least to know that they have our daughter out on a bus and what the purpose of the trip is - even if it's for fun, I'm all for fun, I just want to know about it.

I hope that things were just slow this week, being the first week of school. But before we waste too much time, I think I may need to speak with the teacher about what exactly is on the agenda for first grade. Wow, I was hoping I would feel better after venting, but not so much!! GRRRR!! :(

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