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Monday, August 17, 2009

Adiee's Special Day

Kasey and I didn't want Adiee to feel left out, so we took her to the store after we left Mikenna's classroom. She picked out a new toy, a carousel with working lights and music. Adiee got a new Ariel backpack for preschool, which starts in a few weeks. And the lucky little girl also got a slurpee at NINE in the morning! Haha! :) The really funny thing is that she only took 2 sips out of it! Definitely wouldn't have gotten it, had I known that would happen!

After we got home, daddy went to work; Isla took a nap; and Adiee and I colored a bunch of pictures, opened her new toy, and watched Hercules together until she fell asleep! Before she knew it, it was time to go get Mikenna!

Adiee Grace definitely misses her partner in crime!

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  1. Wow!!!! you have been the busy little blogger!! I have been out of town, and I finally can sit down and read about all your comings and goings. Looks like Mikenna had a great first day of school. She looks so big eating her lunch. Oh, and Adiee is just so cute with that BIG Slurpee. I can't wait to see first day of preschool pictures;)