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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Very Chaotic Easter

A very tired Easter bunny made it's way to our house today... They got all sorts of goodies! They each got to find their basket right when they got up - I will spare you the horror of undone hair and dirty faces :) This year was like none other... No pretty dresses, perfect hair, and a day perfectly planned out. And boy did I miss that feeling of organization. It was pretty much a wear whatever you can find, and run a comb through your hair kind of day. That is if you could find a comb! I joke, but it kind of felt like that. Kasey and I had move the last few odds and ends from our rental house in Kaysville, and we were spent. Four days of moving would do that to anyone, especially after moving to a new state just 6 months prior (now that time I could have gotten you anything you wanted out of a box, I knew where EVERYTHING was.) I had to clean the house from top to bottom which wasn't even dirty, but boy it was so hard to stay on task! I. was. done. I set my box of Easter stuff aside so that I would be able to find everything and was so sad when I opened it to find that mice had been into it and chewed up my egg dying tablecloth and peed all over everything inside. The whole box was garbage. It was late afternoon, by the time I was able to get the kids down to color eggs. Thank goodness for my mom, who not only watched the girls while we finished up our move but also cooked a wonderful Easter dinner! Kasey hid the girls' eggs and took pictures of them hunting them, while I helped my mom in the kitchen with the last little bit.

Kasey, my mom, and I worked non-stop throughout the entire day, but I'm happy to report we fit everything we needed to into our day! And the girls had a busy, yet nice holiday. And that's all that really matters, right?

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