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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun Random Moments

In March, our family went to the Clark's Planetarium in downtown Salt Lake City. We were wandering around the Gateway Mall and thought it would be fun to check it out. That was an awesome experience for all of us! We checked out all the neat stuff they had on display while we waited for our showtime...
 They were so interested in all of it!
 Daddy and his girls
 They walked on the moon...
The look on her face is too funny!

First sleepover with our best friends since we both moved into our new homes... Reunited once again!

 So this is just plain funny!
 I take a break from all the unpacking, and this is what I find... 3 bowls with spoons, a can of spaghettios, a pot and a big spoon, and a package of already almost gone crackers, and a note!
"Can we have this for dinner mom. from: ?"
How cute is that?! Haha!

We have been having tons of fun at Lagoon since we bought our season passes! The springtime is the best time to go, not everyone has purchased them yet so there's literally no crowds, it's not hot, and we can go anytime we want!

We have definitely gotten our use out of them already! And I can't wait to go during the fall to "Frightmares"

Mikenna had her first "real" school project. She did a report on Anne Frank, she made this poster, had to present it to her class, and the whole 3rd grade got together to do a "wax museum" where they hung up their posters, dressed up and posed like the person they chose while parents paraded around the gym looking at all of them.
Here she is dressed as Anne Frank, writing in her diary. So proud of her! 

 Kasey - showing off our new lawn mower... We had one but after living in Rawlins for almost 3 years it just sat in the shed since there wasn't anything to use it on besides weeds and dirt. So after trying to fire it up with brand new gas, oil, and a whole can of starter fluid - we decided to call it quits and got a new one.

My aunt Elaine sent us some tickets to the Tracy Aviary in downtown Salt Lake City she got from her preschool. So we were happy to explore another fun place we'd never been before.
Mikenna's name was drawn, so she got to go inside the flamingo enclosure to feed them. Awesome! I did however feel bad for the other two girls. They were a little bummed, but nothing a little ice cream can't fix :)

I just thought this was a sweet picture... Adiee hiding from the sun!

This was NOT a fun moment...
 I was just checking our bank account and this is what I saw... Some idiot got my debit card number from somewhere and used it for adult website memberships. I freaked out of course, called to report it, and cancelled my card. People can really suck sometimes!

 We went to see Adiee sing at school, and stayed to play a little afterward!
Sweet girls!

Corey, Toni, and Stacia came to stay with us while Toni had a class in the area. We had a ton of fun while they were here. Horse drawn carriage ride through the Gateway Mall, anyone?
 Track Day at school...

Isla and I ended up leaving right after I snapped these pictures, they had tons of inflatable obstacle courses and with limited time and wild and crazy big kids, I didn't think it was fair to Isla to just sit there so I gave them a hug and kiss and said I'd see them after school. I felt bad about leaving, but parents didn't come at all unless they were helping with the activities...
Isla showing off her new helmet... Big girl bike here we come!

Last Day of 1st and 3rd Grade!

Have you ever dropped your keys down a storm drain? This was my first time and I was already having a tough day, I'm sure it was pretty funny to all passerby's. My friend Brittney and I tried for a while before Kasey took off from work to come save me... What a good husband!

Nothing like a little park action to kick off the summertime! Ta Ta for now!

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