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Friday, August 23, 2013

Anniversary, Birthday, and Fathers Day, Oh my!

All of these things were packed into ONE weekend! Friday Kasey and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We have officially been together for slightly more than a decade now! I get all giddy inside just being able to say that! Kasey's brothers - Kerby, Kyle and families came to stay at the Cherry Hill Campground in Kaysville, about 10 minutes away from our house. They offered to take the girls for the night so Kasey and I could spend some one-on-one time with each other and the girls could have fun with their cousins they don't see nearly enough! We went to dinner, and 2 movies - a real treat! We love going to the movies!
A little note to let him know how much he still means to me...
Thanks Mikenna for taking our picture!

Speaking of Mikenna, the very next day we celebrated her 9th birthday! I can't believe how fast she's growing. Kasey and I made a few stops to get some gifts and a cake to take to the campground. I literally bawled all morning but it was especially bad when we were in the check out line at Toy's R Us, buying her a 'green machine' bike... I was so upset that she is 9 and this is the halfway mark of her childhood... Who in the world even thinks like that?! Oh yeah, ME. Kasey put the bike together while I ran the last few errands before we headed to the campground for some water park fun!
 My sweet BIG girl on her new 'green machine'!
Mikenna and Adiee got new flippers from the campground gift shop. They wanted them SO bad, and Adiee got HORRIBLE blisters on the ends of her toes! It took weeks for them to heal and they bled daily for days! I took them away and now they can only wear them with water socks or shoes.
Miss Isla enjoying a capri sun! LOVE!
After a day of swimming, we all ventured over to the ball pit and rock wall.
They kicked butt!
They both reached the top!

Mikenna conquered all 4 levels of difficulty and went for a 5th time - TIMED! Made it all the way to the top in under a minute.
What. A. Stud!! That's our girl!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!
After cake and presents, we all played a round of mini golf.
Fun, FUN, Fun!
 Then chatted it up by the fire until it was time to go home...

Then the last day of a very busy weekend, Father's Day. Adiee, Isla, and I just hung out with everyone at camp and swam and played at the park, while Kasey took Gage, Max, Sophie, and Mikenna to Lagoon for the day. Then finished off with a visit to the Pie Pantry.

It was a weekend FULL of fun, and a little overwhelming for sure, but we were so happy to have spent our time with family we don't get to see often enough!

Love them all!!

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