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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kerby, Deena, & Gage Visit!

Let's back up a few days. The whole house hunting post covered a span of a month or so, but Kerby, Deena, and Gage came to visit us for their spring break, the week before we closed on our house.
These three really missed Uncle Kerby (and everyone else, of course!)... The morning after they arrived, they were all over them, pun intended! Haha :-)
 We went to Tinseltown movie theaters and saw "Oz: The Great and Powerful" in 3D.

We also went to The Living Planet Aquarium, which I had just discovered existed not too long before they came to visit. We loved it!
A huge octopus! 
 They got to touch sting rays, starfish, and even baby sharks! So much fun!
 I love this picture, even though they aren't looking at my camera!
 We stopped to do a small paper craft. A paper frog that shows all the stages from tadpole to frog. This was right up Adiee's alley!
 And of course, we have to stop to do the cheesy photo with the frog statues... haha :)
 Too cute!

I'm a little annoyed that a lot of the pictures I took with my nice camera turned out blurry while the trusty iPhone camera took some great photos... I really need to learn to use that thing correctly.

We also had a nice dinner at Joe's Crab shack, went to Ikea, drove by our new house, and went for some frozen custard throughout their stay... It was so nice of them to come our way and spend some time with us! We were so happy to have them!
 The girls walking Basil and Merriweather around our neighborhood... Dogs just their size! ;)

Thank you so much Kerby, Deena, and Gage for everything! 
Missed you Chloe and Tennyson!

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